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Shelter Shelter
Exo Habitat.jpg
Tier Extra Large
Group Item
Type Base Building
Crafted at Large Printer
Recipe 2x Silicone
2x Plastic
Unlock Cost Unlocked

The Shelter is a base building item in Astroneer and central point of permanent bases. When beginning a new game, upon exiting the Dropship, a Shelter will construct itself, along with a nearby stationary Landing Pad, and turns the surrounding Terrain into a blackish-gray soil that is only removable with a Drill or Drill Mod.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Shelter Silicone x2
Plastic x2
Large Printer

Uses[edit | edit source]

  • Power Production Rate: 1 U/s

Once constructed, the Shelter acts as:

  • The hub of the player's base
  • The game saves each time the Shelter is entered
  • A respawn point in case of death (to act as a spawn, you must enter the Shelter at least once)
  • An infinite source of Oxygen and Power
    • The starting Landing Pad gives an Oxygenator that can be moved and placed into the starting Shelter. However, Oxygenators in printed Shelters cannot be moved

The Shelter has two Tier-1 slots on its side to attach up to two items, as well as four power connectors to expand your base outwards

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Shelter cannot be moved or packaged with a Packager after it has been placed.
  • Shelters comes with a permanent RTG attached, which is unable to be removed. However, it generates a fourth of the power compared to the craftable RTG
  • Crafted Shelters include an Oxygenator, the starting Shelter does not
  • There is also a mobile variant, the Field Shelter, which is cheaper in production and smaller in size.

Media[edit | edit source]