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Shredders are items in Astroneer that allow the player to destroy unwanted items or Debris and turn them into Scrap. They vary in size, allowing for bigger items to be shredded using the larger shredders. Shredders are the only way to obtain Scrap in Adventure mode, and Scrap is a useful resource as it can be traded for other resources via the Trade Platform.

Types of Shredders[]

  • Medium Shredder: The Medium Shredder is the smallest shredder. It can be placed on any Tier 2 slot, but will only shred Tier 1 items. It draws a maximum of 5 U/s power while shredding something.
  • Large Shredder: The Large Shredder is the mid-sized shredder, and is placed on any Tier 3 slot. It is able to shred items Tier 2 or smaller, drawing up to 7.5 U/s power while doing so. The input area has the same placement rules as a normal Tier 2 slot, meaning you can place multiple smaller items in it.
  • Extra Large Shredder: The Extra Large Shredder is the largest shredder, being placed on any Tier 4 slot. It is able to shred items of Tier 3 or smaller, and while shredding it draws up to 10 U/s power. The input area has the same placement rules as a standard Tier 3 slot, so you can put several smaller items in it.


  • Dynamite can be used to reduce larger items to multiple smaller items. This includes Tier 4 items which are unable to be shredded without the use of Dynamite.
  • Dynamite itself cannot be shredded. If you place it in an active shredder it will blow up, destroying the shredder and the platform it was attached to.
  • Shredders consume less total power when the input U/s is below the max.
  • Other items that cannot be shredded include Resources, Packaged items, Vehicles, and Tier 4 items, though the latter two can be reduced with Dynamite.
  • A Shredder can be placed on a Rover, allowing a player to collect Scrap without having to take debris back to their base.