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Shuttles are a type of vehicle in Astroneer. They allow the player to travel to different Planets within the Astroneer solar system. There are three different sizes of Shuttle which the player can create:

Shuttle Bytes Materials Capacity (see notes)
Small Shuttle 1,500 Aluminum x2 Tier-2 Attachment Slots x2
Medium Shuttle 3,750 Ceramic x2
Aluminum Alloy
Tier-2 Attachment Slots x4
Large Shuttle 5,000 Ceramic x1
Titanium Alloy x1
EXO Chip x2
Tier-2 Attachment Slots x2
Tier-3 Attachment Slots x2 (see notes)

Icon EXO Chip.png



  • Travel to other Planets
  • Travel to other landing zones on the same planet
  • Provides Oxygen and a minimal amount of Power to players in range, and to tethers with an Oxygenator connected

Space Flight[]

Shuttles need to have either a Solid-Fuel Thruster or a Hydrazine Thruster with Hydrazine to be able to launch and fly to other planets. To use the thrusters they need enough fuel to be able to travel.

Fuel is used for the following:

  • Taking off from a planet
  • Travelling to another planet

Landing on a planet is free, and requires no fuel.

Solid-Fuel Thrusters have 4 uses, and will break on the fourth use. This will be enough to travel to a single planet and back (2 takeoffs, 2 travels).

Hydrazine Thrusters have up to 24 uses, requiring the use of Hydrazine in one of the 3 fuel slots. Each canister of Hydrazine gives 8 uses. A full load of Hydrazine therefor is enough for 6 return trips (6*4 = 24).

To enter the shuttle, press the Use key (default F)

To take off, press one of the context keys (C or V by default). Pressing Context Left (default C) will launch the shuttle into orbit of the planet, allowing the player to land on one of the available Landing Zones. Pressing Context Right, or Context Left while already in orbit of the planet, will launch the shuttle directly into the the solar system view.

  • Note that both options will use the same amount of fuel, as transitioning from the orbit view to the solar system view requires no fuel.

Clicking on another planet will then launch the player to that planet and show the orbit view.

Players on console will need to activate the cursor in order to select a landing zone or planet to travel to.


  • A shuttle cannot land on a Landing Zone which is occupied by another shuttle.
  • Shuttles require a clear sky over the shuttle to be able to launch. It is not possible to launch from underground.
  • A Beacon is a good item for a player to bring to help mark the landing zone to be able to easily get back to that location in the future.
  • When using a Solid-Fuel Thruster, taking off from the planet consumes one use even if the player lands on the same world again. This can leave players without enough fuel to complete a round trip, unnecessarily prolonging their journeys.
  • With a supply of Hydrazine, space travel becomes easy for the player using a Hydrazine Thruster.
  • Shuttles provide a very small amount of power, making it possible to do small, automated tasks, such as gathering atmospheric resources or smelting items. However, due to the extremely small amount of power provided, it can only power one at a time.