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Soil Soil
Icon Soil.png
Tier Small
Group Resource
Type Natural
Byte Value 100 Bytes

Soil is a Resource that can be stored within Small Canisters and Medium Fluid & Soil Canisters. It is the building block of the Planets within Astroneer, creating the landscape that players interact with and contains the vital resources to aid in exploration and base construction.


Soil is obtained by using the Terrain Tool or Drills placed on a Rover with available Canisters to collect it.


  • Soil's primary use is to create terrain using the Terrain Tool or a Paver. This allows players the ability to shape the worlds around them, creating pathways, covering holes, or building a foundation for bases.
  • Soil may also be processed into certain resources using a Soil Centrifuge.
  • Soil can also be researched for 100 bytes over the course of five minutes in a Research Chamber. Researching the soil will destroy the canister.
  • One Small Canister of Soil is used to make a Leveling Block in the Backpack. The canister is not used up in the process and will return to the player's backpack.


  • The Terrain Tool reticle displays a circle indicating the amount of soil the player has available. Equipping more than one canister will divide the circle into parts based on how many canisters the player is using.
  • Soil will be burned off by the terrain tool or drills if there is no canister available to fill.