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Soil Centrifuge Soil Centrifuge
Soil Centrifuge mp.jpg
Tier Large
Group Module
Type Crafting
Crafted at Medium Printer
Recipe 2x Compound
1x Aluminum
Unlock Cost 750 Bytes

The Soil Centrifuge is a Crafting Module that extracts resources from Soil collected via the Terrain Tool.


Output Input Module
Soil Centrifuge Compound x2
Medium Printer


The following table lists the resources that can be extracted from a full Soil Centrifuge tank (two Canisters of soil):

Resource Count
Compound 8
Resin 8
Organic 8
Clay 6
Quartz 4
Graphite 2
Ammonium 1
  • Power Consumption Rate: 6 U/s

Each full operation consumes 182.25 Units of power, regardless of how many items the machine produces.


  • The Soil Centrifuge is a good source for Scrap. Using the centrifuge to obtain 6 Clay, smelting them into Ceramic with the Smelting Furnace and creating 6 Drill Mod 1. Each Drill Mod 1 is worth 0.5 Scrap, with the net result of 3 Scrap per full Soil Centrifuge tank.
  • If one has the Trade Platform it is more efficient to use the Soil Centrifuge to create Scrap using the method listed above if you want to obtain Quartz, Graphite, or Ammonium, as the amount gained from 3 Scrap is 6, 6, and 3, respectively, resulting in more of the desired resource per Small Canister.
  • If there is not any storage for the resources and the emptied Soil Canisters, the Soil Centrifuge will stop operating until storage room has been created.
  • For bulk production, use a Medium Fluid & Soil Canister in combination with a Small Canister to continuously feed soil to the Centrifuge.
  • If the soil centrifuge is unplugged and plugged back in while filling its tanks, it will become stuck in the crafting phase rendering it unusable. Saving and reloading the game does not fix this, however using the packager will reset it.
  • The soil centrifuge takes 30.375 seconds to complete the process not including start up.


  • Before the Crafting Update, the Soil Centrifuge could create any resource, but a piece of it had to be provided first (presumably to give incentive to players to travel to other planets, rather than just synthesizing resources on the starting planet). The soil storage tank could also hold more than two canisters of soil but it could not be used until the first two full canisters were synthesized.
  • It was previously called the Mineral Extractor.