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The solar panels you can craft in your backpack (left) and on the printer (right).
The small and medium solar panels you can craft in your Backpack (left) and on the Printer (right).

Solar Panels are power production items that produce consistent power when exposed directly to sunlight. Power outputs vary depending on which solar device is being used and the planet that it is being used on.

Small Solar Panel[edit | edit source]

Small Solar Panel.png

Small solar panels are crafted in your backpack's printer, using Copper. This kind of panel can be placed on any item slot, but in the backpack, it will only produce power when placed on one of the widget slots (see image on the right).

When exposed to light, the panel will orient itself automatically toward the sun (if possible) and produce 1.0 U/s of power (formerly 0.5 U/s), or enough to fill one bar on a Small Battery in 4 seconds.

Medium Solar Panel[edit | edit source]

Medium Solar Panel.png

Medium Solar Panels are crafted in the Small Printer module, using 1 piece of Copper and 1 piece of Glass. They can be placed on any Tier-2 slot.

When exposed to sunlight, a Medium Solar Panel produces power at 4.0 U/s (formerly 2 U/s), which is exactly four times as much as a Small Solar.

Large Solar Panel[edit | edit source]

Large Solar Panel.png

Produces 8.0 U/s of power. They can be placed on any Tier-3 slot.

Large panels were added in patch 1.19 (March 31, 2021).

Solar Array[edit | edit source]

A Solar Array, plugged in and providing power. Points in the direction of the sun.

The Solar Array is the largest craftable solar panel, being made in the large printer. They can be crafted using 1 Copper, 1 Glass, 1 Graphene, and 1 Aluminium Alloy. This acts as a platform, meaning that it must be placed on the ground.

When exposed to sunlight, the Solar Array produces 14.0 U/s of power (formerly 8 U/s), which is fourteen times more than a Small Solar Panel and 3.5 times more than a Medium Solar Panel.

Wrecked Solar Array[edit | edit source]

A Wrecked Solar Array lodged inside of a mountain on Sylva.

The Wrecked Solar Array is the only non-craftable solar panel, found naturally as debris on all planets. When plugged in and exposed to sunlight, the Wrecked Solar Array provides 64 U/s of power. They only have panels on one side, and must be placed with the connection point facing upwards to work.

Sun Effectiveness[edit | edit source]

Each planet has its own Sun effectiveness, which affects the power produced by the solar panels.

Planet Sun Multiplier Small Solar Panel Medium Solar Panel Large Solar Panel Solar Array Wrecked Solar Array
Icon Sylva.png Sylva Medium 1.0 1.0U/s 4.0U/s 8.0U/s 14.0U/s 64.0U/s
Icon Desolo.png Desolo High 1.5 1.5U/s 6.0U/s 12.0U/s 21.0U/s 96.0U/s
Icon Calidor.png Calidor Very High 1.75 1.75U/s 7.0U/s 14.0U/s 24.5U/s 112.0U/s
Icon Vesania.png Vesania Low 0.5 0.5U/s 2.0U/s 4.0U/s 7.0U/s 32.0U/s
Icon Novus.png Novus High 1.5 1.5U/s 6.0U/s 12.0U/s 21.0U/s 96.0U/s
Icon Glacio.png Glacio Very Low 0.25 0.25U/s 1.0U/s 2.0U/s 3.5U/s 16.0U/s
Icon Atrox.png Atrox Low 0.5 0.5U/s 2.0U/s 4.0U/s 7.0U/s 32.0U/s

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