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Solid-Fuel Jump Jet Solid-Fuel Jump Jet
Solid-Fuel Jump Jet.jpg
Tier Small
Group Device
Type Personal Mobility
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe Aluminum Alloy
Unlock Cost 5,000 Bytes

The Solid-Fuel Jump Jet is a personal mobility device in Astroneer that allows for the player to fly in short bursts.


Output Input Module
Solid-Fuel Jump Jet Aluminum Alloy Backpack


The Solid-Fuel Jump Jet is used to provide an extra boost to a players jump, and is only equipped in the backpack widget slots. Equipping two Solid-Fuel Jump Jets will increase the speed at which the boost provides. It can be activated individually with the context keys (for PC: C or V, Xbox: Xbox One - LB or Xbox One - RB, PS4: PS4 - L1 or PS4 - R1, Switch: Switch - L or Switch - R), or both by holding down )PC: Spacebar, Xbox: Xbox One - A, PS4: PS4 - Cross, Switch: Switch - A) while jumping or in the air.

The ring on the Solid-Fuel Jump Jet fills up when used, and resets when touching the ground. If the ring fills up completely, the Solid-Fuel Jump Jet will stop providing boost until reset.

The Solid-Fuel Jump Jet starts with 50 full boosts when crafted. It will destroy itself after it runs out of energy.

  • The top bar will turn off when there are 30 full boosts left.
  • The middle bar will turn off when there are 15 full boosts left.
  • The bottom bar will turn off and the light will start blinking when there are 3 full boosts left.


  • The max altitude the player can fly is the same height as the clouds.
  • A single Solid-Fuel Jump Jet has enough boost to get a player up to the top of a Tall Platform, and two Solid Fuel Jump Jets have enough boost to get a player up to the top of a Large Shuttle.