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Splitter Splitter
Tier Medium
Group Item
Type Power
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe Copper
Unlock Cost 1,000 Bytes

The Splitter is a power Module that can be used to control the amount of power sent to different modules.


Output Input Module
Splitter Copper
Small Printer


The Splitter is a module that is capable of changing the output speed of Power to multiple modules. To use it, you must plug it into a power source and then plug the other cables into Modules you want to split the power between. You can use the control panel to increase or decrease the power flowing through the cables. Multiple Splitters can be wired together for a larger power control grid. Do take note that power can only either go into the Splitter or out of the Splitter. Power cannot go both ways on the same power cable. The Splitter has no mounting points and cannot be stored on a platform.

The input and output connectors are identified by the number of dots next to them, which corresponds to the dots on the Splitter interface.

The control panel.