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Spookysquash were a timed exclusive flora during Halloween. They were added in Patch 1.6.49 and were available until November 15, 2019. They naturally grew on Atrox. When the player planted one of the seeds that drop from the Gnarled Spookysquash they were rewarded with the Pumpkin Visor. Players that collected seeds can still plant them to grow the different variations.

Gnarled Spookysquash[edit | edit source]

Gnarled Spookysquash were found on Atrox. They could be found at the bottom of the yellow canyon biome on the surface. Digging these up produced seeds for the other 5 varieties of Spookysquash. This variety cannot be grown from seeds.

Round Spookysquash[edit | edit source]

Round Spookysquash are round with no carvings. These can be grown from Round Spookyseeds.

Smiling Spookysquash[edit | edit source]

Smiling Spookysquash are carved with a traditional smiling face. These can be grown from Smiling Spookyseeds.

Stunted Spookysquash[edit | edit source]

Stunted Spookysquash are short and stout, with a carved face similar to the Smiling Spookysquash. These can be grown from Stunted Spookyseeds.

Astro Spookysquash[edit | edit source]

Astro Spookysquash are carved with the Astroneer logo. These can be grown from Astro Spookyseeds.

Mutated Spookysquash[edit | edit source]

Mutated Spookysquash are tall and round, but with various bumps to indicate a mutation. These can be grown from Mutated Spookyseeds. When harvesting Mutated Spookysquash, the player has a chance to gain other types of spookysquash seeds, as well as more than one seed.

Spookysquash Sample[edit | edit source]

Spookysquash have a chance to drop a Spookysquash Sample that is used in the EXO Biofuel Obtainment Operation event. They also give 60 Bytes when researched in a Research Chamber.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Digging up a planted spookysquash will return that type of seed, except for the Mutated Spookysquash, which will give a random type of seed.
  • Spookysquash have a chance to drop multiple seeds when dug up.