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Storages are items which serve the sole purpose of storing items. However, certain items can also be operated from storage if the storage is connected to a Power source.

Basic Storage[]

Basic storage modules are items that offer a number of attachment slots. Often, this makes it possible to store many more items than would fit into the attachment slot itself.

Medium Storages[]

These storages are printed using the Small Printer and offer a number of small attachment slots.

Medium Storage[]

The Medium Storage can carry up to eight small items just like the Backpack. While attached to a medium attachment slot, this storage can be expanded or folded using the "Use" key (by default F ). Printing it requires two units of Resin.

Medium Storage Silo[]

The Medium Storage Silo can carry up to 24 small items. Printing it requires two units of Titanium.

Tall storage[]

The Tall Storage has three Tier-1 attachment slots on top of a relatively high vertical pole. Two of the slots angle downwards, one is horizontal. The two angled slots are ideal for Floodlight. Printing it requires one unit of Ceramic.

Large Storages[]

These storages are printed using the Large Printer. Most offer a number of medium attachment slots, which can also hold Tier-2 storage modules. This allows a large number of Tier-1 items to be stored. Using the Medium Fluid & Soil Canister, the Medium Resource Canister, or the Medium Gas Canister (each of which, however, can only hold one single type of resource), this number becomes even larger.

Tier-3 storages can be attached to any Platform featuring a large attachment slot, but also to a Large Rover, a Medium Rover, or a Large Shuttle.

Large Storage[]

The Large Storage  features four medium attachment slots. Thus, by itself, it can carry up to four Medium items or up to eight small items, or a combination of these two types of items. However, it is possible to combine this with the Tier-2 storage modules or to allow more Tier-1 items to be stored:

E.g., placing a Medium Storage onto each of the Large Storage's attachment slots, the capacity rises to 32 small items. Using four Medium Storage Silo instead of the Medium Storage, one can further expand the capacity to 96 small items. Using four medium canisters, up to 128 resource nuggets can be stored.

Printing a Large Storage requires three units of Ceramic.

Large Storage Silo A[]

The Large Storage Silo A features eight medium attachment slots. Attaching eight Medium Storage Silos, the capacity can be raised from 16 to 192 small items. Using eight medium canisters, up to 256 resource nuggets can be stored.

Printing a Large Storage Silo A requires two units of Aluminum and one unit of Steel.

Large Storage Silo B[]

The Large Storage Silo B features twelve medium attachment slots. Attaching twelve Medium Storage Silos, the capacity can be raised from 24 to 288 small items. Using twelve medium canisters, up to 384 resource nuggets can be stored.

Printing the Large Storage Silo B requires three units of Steel.

Large Active Storage[]

The Large Active Storage features 15 small attachment slots. It can be used with automation items to create moving and animated signs, or used as general storage. It is the only large storage module which does not feature medium attachment slots.

Printing a Large Active Storage requires one unit of each Zinc, Aluminum, and Resin.

Extra Large Storage[]

The Extra Large Storage is the largest type of storage in the game and also the only tier 4 storage item. It can be crafted at the Large Printer, and it features 31 small attachment slots. As such, it carries up to 31 small items, but no medium or larger items. It can only be attached to Extra Large Platforms.

Printing an Extra Large Storage requires two units of Iron and two units of Ceramic.

Special Storage[]


Canisters are special containers that can hold a single type of resource. They vary from being able to hold Soil, gasses, or any other resource nugget. These include:


The backpack serves as a versatile inventory that holds up to ten small items.

Oxygen Tank[]

The Oxygen Tank is a compact version of the Backpack's built-in Oxygen tank. It can be attached to any slot on the Backpack, including slots on the Terrain Tool.


Batteries are one of the types of Items in Astroneer which store power. When a surplus of energy is produced, it is used to fill a battery somewhere in the network (assuming all modules' internal batteries are full). They can be filled or depleted at a maximum rate of 4 units/sec (or 1 bar/sec).