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(Low Importance) About the new April Update[]

Just noticed the update of roadmap. Pretty glad to see it. Unfortunately I don't spare much time watching the whole stream video. Could anyone share some of the news please? My questions are:

  • Will it get released within this April?
  • Is anything else important metioned in the stream?

Thanks a lot! 1479hh (talk) 05:53, 17 April 2019 (UTC)

Yes, this is meant to come sometime this month. The Roadmap is chronological, as per Vero, though it is not an exact release schedule. I had watched the VoD as I was busy when it was live, but the on;y thing not listed is the last note under Wanderer update about there being more unannounced things. They mostly talked about each new item on the roadmap. Sdkphoenix (talk) 09:26, 17 April 2019 (UTC)
Thank you:) 1479hh (talk) 12:30, 17 April 2019 (UTC)