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This is a list of wiki administrators, both the Gamepedia staff members and the community-based administrators, listed on Project:Community portal. It takes one optional parameter:

width – which specifies the width of the list

{{Wiki admin}} is used in this template to format admin entries.



Modifying the list

Editing the source of this template will show commented-out examples of how to change the list. Gamepedia staff creating the wiki should remove the line about emailing and uncomment the {{Wiki admin|Game Widow}} in that section and replace Game Widow with their own name.

Community admins can be added by following the commented-out example in that section.

If the wiki has a developer as an administrator, uncomment the Developer Administrators section and use {{Wiki admin}} with their name, like in the community section.




Gamepedia wiki managers

MannedTooth talk  •  contribs

Active Community Administrators

Sdkphoenix talk  •  contribs
Mind buddy talk  •  contribs

Inactive Community Administrators

Lemonlich talk  •  contribs
Rkaneus talk  •  contribs
Senque talk  •  contribs
The Berk talk  •  contribs
1ifemare talk  •  contribs

Community Translator Administrators

Tesutokun talk  •  contribs
Reimu3 talk  •  contribs
LordHamburger talk  •  contribs
Thomas645 talk  •  contribs
Goggle61 talk  •  contribs
Kitee666 talk  •  contribs
1479hh19904 talk  •  contribs
Willyngh talk  •  contribs