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This template displays an icon of either keyboard keys, mouse buttons or Xbox Controller buttons.


  • Keyboard: {{key|key name}}
  • Others: {{key|icon code}}


If the parameter is not identified as an icon code, the template will generate a key icon based on the parameter text without any case change.


  • {{Key|W}} Generates: W
  • {{key|delete}} Generates: delete
  • {{key|Tab}} Generates: Tab
  • {{key|TAB}} Generates: TAB



  • {{Key|LMB}} Generates: Left Mouse Button
  • {{Key|DRAG}} Generates: Mouse Drag

Icon Code List

Code Output Description
LMB Left Mouse Button Left mouse button
RMB Right Mouse Button Right mouse button
MMB Middle Mouse button Middle mouse button
DRAG Mouse Drag Indicates dragging of mouse
MOUSE Mouse Mouse without any instruction

Xbox One Controller


  • {{Key|XBONE_A}} Generates: Xbox One - A Button
  • {{Key|XBONE_MENU}} Generates: Xbox One - Menu Button

Icon Code List

Code Output Description
XBONE_A Xbox One - A Button A button
XBONE_B Xbox One - B Button B button
XBONE_X Xbox One - X Button X button
XBONE_Y Xbox One - Y Button Y button
XBONE_LT Xbox One - Left Trigger Left trigger
XBONE_RT Xbox One - Right Trigger Right trigger
XBONE_LB Xbox One - Left Bumper Left bumper
XBONE_RB Xbox One - Right Bumper Right bumper
XBONE_LS Xbox One - Left Stick Left stick
XBONE_RS Xbox One - Right Stick Right stick
XBONE_LS_CLICK Xbox One - Left Stick Click Left stick click
XBONE_RS_CLICK Xbox One - Right Stick Click Right stick click
XBONE_D-PAD Xbox One - D-Pad D-Pad (Directional Pad)
XBONE_D-PAD_LEFT Xbox One - D-Pad Left D-Pad left
XBONE_D-PAD_UP Xbox One - D-Pad Up D-Pad up
XBONE_D-PAD_RIGHT Xbox One - D-Pad Right D-Pad right
XBONE_D-PAD_DOWN Xbox One - D-Pad Down D-Pad down
XBONE_MENU Xbox One - Menu Button Menu button (same as the Xbox 360 "Start")
XBONE_VIEW Xbox One - View Button View button (same as the Xbox 360 "Back")

PS4 Controller


  • {{Key|PS4_L1}} Generates: PS4 - L1
  • {{Key|PS4_Circle}} Generates: PS4 - Circle

Icon Code List

Code Output Description
PS4_Circle PS4 - Circle Circle button
PS4_Cross PS4 - Cross Cross button
PS4_Square PS4 - Square Square button
PS4_Triangle PS4 - Triangle Triangle button
PS4_D-Pad_Up PS4 - D-Pad Up D-Pad Up
PS4_D-Pad_Left PS4 - D-Pad Left D-Pad Left
PS4_D-Pad_Down PS4 - D-Pad Down D-Pad Down
PS4_D-Pad_Right PS4 - D-Pad Right D-Pad Right
PS4_R1 PS4 - R1 R1 button
PS4_R2 PS4 - R2 R2 button
PS4_R3 PS4 - R3 R3 button
PS4_L1 PS4 - L1 L1 button
PS4_L2 PS4 - L2 L2 button
PS4_L3 PS4 - L3 L3 button
PS4_Right_Analog PS4 - Right Analog Right Analog Stick
PS4_Left_Analog PS4 - Left Analog Left Analog Stick
PS4_Touch_Pad PS4 - Touch Pad Touch Pad
PS4_Share PS4 - Share Share button
PS4_Options PS4 - Options Options button

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