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Terrain Analyzer Terrain Analyzer
Terrain Analyzer.jpg
Tier Small
Group Augment
Type Terrain Tool
Crafted at Backpack
Recipe 1x Zinc
Unlock Cost 2,000 Bytes

A Terrain Analyzer is a Terrain Tool augment. Its main purpose is to apply a color to generated Terrain instead of the default grey.


Output Input Module
Terrain Analyzer Zinc Backpack

The Terrain Analyzer may also be found rarely at wrecks.


The Terrain Analyzer has two functions:

  • When printed the Terrain Analyzer can be used on soil to absorb that color. Once the bar is filled with a color it cannot be changed, and this function is no longer possible.
  • Once a color has been fully absorbed into the Terrain Analyzer, it can be used to apply that color to soil that is placed with the Terrain Tool. (When combined with the Inhibitor Mod it can paint existing terrain without changing its shape.)

A newly printed Terrain Analyzer will have an empty bar. Placing the analyzer on the Terrain Tool will activate the mod and allow the player to absorb a color from soil, filling up the bar slowly with that color. The bar will only fill when the tool is used to suck up soil of that color. Once filled with a single, this function of the analyzer will no longer be possible, and it will always provide the same color.

Once the Terrain Analyzer has locked to a color it can be used to place soil with that color, prevent deforming terrain of any other color, or used to paint existing terrain.

Using the Terrain Tool to place soil will place that color of soil on the ground, either by placing terrain (default Alt + Click for placing, CTRL + Click for flattening over holes or creating ramps).

When the Terrain Analyzer is attached to the Terrain Tool it will prevent any soil that is any other color from being deformed, allowing precision digging of a single color of soil.

Attaching the Inhibitor Mod while also having a Terrain Analyzer equipped will allow the player to paint existing terrain, giving players more options for customizing the look of the terrain around bases. To paint, the player must hold the raise terrain key (default Alt) while clicking. This will recolor the terrain, and with the Inhibitor Mod prevents the player from adding more soil.

With each planet containing many different colors, a player could end up with a rather large collection of analyzers, with each color needing its own.