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Terrain Anchor Terrain Anchor
Terrain Anchor.jpg
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Creative

The Terrain Anchor is a creative item in Astroneer.


The Terrain Anchor is available in the Backpack Printer Plinth in Creative Mode.


The Terrain Anchor can be used to lock the Level of Detail (LOD) in a spherical area, allowing the player to view it from any distance at full detail. The player may only have up to seven active Terrain Anchors active at a time, due to limitations to the game and to prevent poor performance.

In creative mode, the area of effect of the Terrain Anchor can be viewed by holding the Terrain Anchor. This will cause a large circular purple area of effect to become visible around the Terrain Anchor's location. Once the Terrain Anchor is placed, the area of effect preview will disappear. To show the area of effect for all Terrain Anchors permanently, there is a setting in the Creative Mode Settings menu: press the ESC key and toggle the 'Show Terrain Anchor Status' option.