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Tier Large
Group Aircraft
Type Lightweight
Crafted at Medium Printer
Recipe EXO Chip
Tungsten Carbide
Unlock Cost Unlocked via Missions

The VTOL, or Vertical Take-Off and Landing, is a lightweight aircraft in Astroneer that allows the player to travel long distances across the planets by flying over the surface of the planet.


Output Input Module
Tungsten Carbide
Medium Printer

Players will obtain a free VTOL and its Schematic from completing a long chain of Missions:


The VTOL takes off vertically by double-tapping the take-off button (Spacebar on PC), and holding the same button allows the player to ascend higher. The VTOL can descend by holding the descend button (Shift on PC). Double-tapping the descend button when near the ground will land the VTOL.

When nearing a slope of a mountain or some other kind of obstacle the VTOL automatically ascends to avoid a collision. If the player gets off in midflight tapping the use key (F on PC), they will take fall damage, and the VTOL will land automatically.

Holding the forward movement key will accelerate the VTOL forward, speeding up after 10 seconds of holding for faster flight. The left and right movement keys will strafe the VTOL, while moving the camera will turn the VTOL in the direction the player wishes to move.

Like other vehicles, the VTOL supplies oxygen to the player nearby, but not to Tethers unless equipped with an Oxygenator. It provides no Power, not even for a Worklight, which doesn't consume any of it.

Capacity and Fuel[]

The VTOL has a Tier 1 slot in the back that can only be used for Hydrazine as fuel. It will auto-pull canisters if the current one runs out. The VTOL will drop down to the ground, when no fuel is left, without taking damage. Partially empty Hydrazine canisters can not be removed from the fuel slot. The gauge at the back indicates how much fuel is left in the internal tank. When a Packager is used to repack a VTOL, all Hydrazine in the vehicle is lost.

There is a built-in seat for the player and two more Rover Seats may be attached using the two Tier 2 slots in the upper front. The VTOL may be controlled by any of the three seats. Instead of holding seated persons, the Tier 2 slots can also hold a canister filled with Hydrazine for long time flights or any other Tier 2 item.

There are two Tier 1 slots on the bottom left and right, which can be activated using context keys (for PC: C or V, Xbox: Xbox One - LB or Xbox One - RB, PS4: PS4 - L1 or PS4 - R1, Switch: Switch - L or Switch - R). This allows players to shoot fireworks, play horns, or toggle lights while flying.


  • Over time, the VTOL will accelerate faster if headed in a straight line. This is handy to know for fuel efficiency on longer trips.
  • Because of its two medium slots and extreme maneuverability, the VTOL is an exceptionally powerful tool when unlocking the Gateway Chambers on each planet by combining it with the Medium Storage Silo, Small Battery, and QT-RTG. This is especially useful on the planets Glacio and Atrox which require more than 24 U/s of power, which cannot be achieved by a single Silo. Though glitchy, it is also possible to use a Winch to carry around a vehicle such as a Large Rover to allow using larger power sources
  • Although VTOLs may be built on the Gateway Portal platform, they will be unable to be flown there.