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Widgets are small items that have a variety of uses. Some widgets have some manner of active behavior when plugged into an auxiliary slot on the backpack, such as providing oxygen or power to the player. When placed on the ground, some widgets will create a small platform underneath with two cable plugs. This disappears when the widget is picked up again.


  • Small Solar Panel: Generates power in direct sunlight at 1U/s on Sylva.
  • Small Wind Turbine: Generates power when wind is blowing, at 1.5U/s on Sylva.
  • Small Battery: Stores 32 Units of energy.
  • QT-RTG: Generates 1U/s without the need for wind or the sun.
  • Oxygen Tank: Stores Oxygen automatically, effectively expanding the oxygen reserve.
  • Small Generator: The Small Generator consumes Organic material to produce a constant 2.0U/s of power. Can be activated or deactivated as necessary by hovering over and holding F.
  • Portable Oxygenator: Creates oxygen at the cost of 1.0U/s of power (a full tank will consume 10 Units of energy, all the power the backpack can hold).
  • Worklight: Generates light with no power consumption, but must have power present.
  • Floodlight: Generates a bright spot of light with no power consumption, but must have power present.
  • Small Camera: Takes polaroid-sized images of whatever it is pointed at.
  • Tether: Bundle of tethers that carry oxygen to the player when connected to an oxygenator.
  • Extenders: Bundle of small, one-way cable extenders.
  • Probe Scanner: A scanner that is used to find the locations of the Historical Probes. It will spin and make musical noises, changing tone and speed the closer the player gets.


  • Widgets can be used for each of their intended purposes, but can also be used as cheap cable extenders. This also has the advantage of being a two-way connection, unlike cable extenders which are one-way.


  • Some widgets can only activate when used on the auxiliary slots, such as the Probe Scanner.