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Winch Winch
Tier Medium
Group Tools
Type Module
Crafted at Small Printer
Recipe 1x EXO Chip
1x Rubber
Unlock Cost 3,750 Bytes

The Winch is an item that can be used to tow large objects.


Output Input Module
Winch EXO Chip
Small Printer


The Winch may be placed on any Rover, except for the Buggy, due to the fact it only has one Medium Slot meant for the player to sit.

Click on the hook on the Winch, then attach it to something to tow it.

To release, click on the base of the cable where it comes out of the body of the Winch.

The Winch can be attached to Shuttles, however, caution is advised since the attached items will fall off when you go into space.

The Winch is also effective when picked up and carried around by hand.

However, be aware that the Winch's physics are extremely buggy. This can cause strange occurrences such as:

  • Two objects of similar weight attached by a winch may fly around. This includes rovers, which have a tendency to fly into space and be unrecoverable.
  • Even when objects are not of similar weight, the smaller one may be flung around.
  • When a player picks up an object that has a winch hook attached to it, the winch and any attached objects will be flung around relative to the winched object's movement. Be sure to click on the base of the hook instead of the object, as this will likely flip rovers upside down.


  • The Winch had a considerably less updated design than most other objects in the game, until updated in the Exploration Update.
  • The Winch is described as ' A failed experiment... Or is it...? '.