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Worklight Worklight
Tier Small
Group Item
Type Illumination
Crafted at Backpack or Small Printer
Recipe 1x Copper
Unlock Cost Unlocked

The Worklight is an item used to illuminate an area. The light generated by the Worklight is superior to that of the Tether. Similar to the Astroneer's helmet lights, the Worklight needs power to be lit, but it doesn't actually consume any.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
Worklight Copper Backpack

Uses[edit | edit source]

To use the Worklight, it can be attached to an Attachment Slot, a Backpack inventory slot or placed standalone and connected to a power source.

When the Worklight is placed in one of the two widget slots on the Backpack, pressing the corresponding Context Key (C or V for PC/Xbox One - Left Bumper or Xbox One - Right Bumper for Xbox) toggles the light on or off. When placed on the ground, the Worklight will have a Small Platform appear, which allows the player to attach one of the two power connectors to a source of power.

Notes[edit | edit source]

When placed in one of the eight backpack slots, the worklight can only be turned on or off manually. When placed in one of the two widget slots, it can be activated normally with context keys.

Gallery[edit | edit source]