XL Sensor Hoop B

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XL Sensor Hoop B XL Sensor Hoop B
XL Sensor Hoop B.png
Tier Extra Large
Group Item
Type Activation
Crafted at Large Printer
Recipe Quartz x1
Zinc x3
Unlock Cost 1000 Bytes

The XL Sensor Hoop B is an a sensor item in Astroneer.

Source[edit | edit source]

Output Input Module
XL Sensor Hoop B Quartz
Zinc x3
Large Printer

Uses[edit | edit source]

XL Sensor Hoop B can be used to detect when a Marble, Recreational Sphere, Vehicle, or Player passes through the blue-ish sensor area. When one is detected, the Reaction Slots will activate.

This sensor in particular can be used to detect when a Shuttle lands on a Landing Pad or Landing Zone.

Media[edit | edit source]