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XL Wind Turbine XL Wind Turbine
XL Wind Turbine.png
Tier Extra Large
Group Item
Type Power Generation
Crafted at Large Printer
Recipe Iron x1
Ceramic x1
Graphene x1
Aluminum Alloy x1
Unlock Cost 4,500 Bytes

The XL Wind Turbine is a power generation item and the largest version of Wind Turbines. It has the highest energy output of all craftable power generators in the game. The XL Wind Turbine has three cable outputs which can be used to equally split produced power. The XL Wind Turbine will only produce power while the wind is blowing.

The XL Wind Turbine must be deployed (by holding F, Xbox One - Y, or PS4 - Triangle for keyboard and gamepad respectively) to start generating power. When deployed, the blades spread out and start producing power. When it is collapsed, it can be stored on a Tier-4 Attachment Slot.


Output Input Module
XL Wind Turbine Iron
Aluminum Alloy
Large Printer


The XL Wind Turbine is used primarily to generate power. The output does not vary depending on the wind speed.

  • Power Production Rate: 17 U/s


  • The XL Wind Turbine was first revealed in a Twitch live stream on February 5, 2021.