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Nugget Carbon.png
尺寸 小型
分类 资源 - 精炼资源
制造设备 熔炼炉
原料 Icon Organic.png 有机物
研究获得 75字节



输出 输入 使用
Icon Carbon.png Icon Organic.png 有机物 Icon Smelting Furnace.png 熔炼炉



模块 输出 输入
Icon Chemistry Lab.png 化学实验室 Icon Plastic.png 塑料 Icon Compound.png 化合物
Icon Carbon.png
Icon Tungsten Carbide.png 钨碳化物 Icon Carbon.png
Icon Tungsten.png
Icon Explosive Powder.png 爆炸粉末 Icon Carbon.png x2
Icon Sulfur.png 硫磺
Icon Steel.png 钢铁 Icon Carbon.png
Icon Argon.png 氩气
Icon Iron.png

碳可以为Icon Medium Generator.png 中型发电机提供电力



  • 有机物作为小型发电机的燃料,提供1单位/秒的电流,持续100秒,总共100单位。
  • 碳作为中型发电机的燃料,提供3单位/秒的电流,持续100秒,总共300单位。
  • 熔炼炉中将有机物熔炼为碳只花费了60单位的电力,因此熔炼将它的能源提高了140单位。

When planning for long trips, Carbon has the highest consumable power yield per single T1 slot of any item in the entire game, with a few exceptions;

  • The T2 slot that a Medium Generator necessarily takes up is effectively 8 T1 slots that could be used by a medium storage to hold Organic and Small Generators.
  • Consequently, it's possible to carry more energy per storage space used by placing Organic instead of Carbon if space is limited.
  • The ratio flips above 12 spaces used; 12 T1 spaces worth of Organic or Carbon produce almost exactly the same amount of power, including the overhead of the space the generator takes up. An easy way to remember is that if you must carry more than 12 Organic for portable power, you will be able to store more total energy by using a Medium Generator instead. ;)


  • In Update 0.10.1 Coal was removed from the game and replaced with Carbon
  • Update 0.10.1中,煤炭被从游戏中移除,取而代之的是碳。
  • Coal's purpose in the game was as a solid fuel which powered the Medium Generator, even though it was generally thought to be superfluous in the main game flow; As a trade resource it was as valuable as titanium, making it nonetheless exciting to discover.